Maya V. Chung


I am a PhD student in the Program in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences at Princeton University in Prof. Gabriel Vecchi's research group. My research interests are in climate change, extreme events, ocean-atmosphere interactions, and climate and human health. I use climate models and observations to study climate on seasonal to centennial timescales. 

Current projects:

  • The impact of salinity on the tropical Pacific mean state and extreme ENSO events
  • Cooling / warming asymmetry in the climate system
  • Interactions between ENSO and infectious disease transmission


  • Ph. D.: Princeton University, Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences (2020-present)
    • Advisor: Prof. Gabriel Vecchi
    • Committee Members: Prof. Laure Resplandy (AOS), Dr. Andrew Wittenberg (GFDL), Dr. Rong Zhang (AOS/GFDL)
    • HMEI-STEP advisors: Prof. C. Jessica Metcalf, Prof. Bryan Grenfell (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, School of Public and International Affairs)
  • Bachelor of Arts: Harvard University, Earth and Planetary Sciences (2019)


Teaching & outreach highlights

If you are interested in applying to graduate school in climate, atmospheric and/or oceanic sciences, check out our Applicant Mentorship Program (AMP) and fill out this Google form for the opportunity to be matched with a Princeton AOS grad student or postdoc mentor to guide you on what grad school is like and the application process.

I also frequently mentor people who are applying to graduate school and fellowships, or who are just interested in climate science and STEM, including high school students, undergraduates, and prospective graduate students. If you could use some guidance, I encourage you to reach out, introduce yourself, and ask questions about applying and/or careers in climate science.

Mentees since posting: 15


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